After five successful Easter seasons, the Vermont Hay Company regretfully has discontinued producing Tim’s Real Easter Basket Grass. Thank you to all those who supported me along the way — from conception to development, development to market readiness, to retailing in every state in the country with the exception of Alaska. It has been a lot of fun!

On March 2 of this year, my family lost our home to a catastrophic house fire in Greensboro, Vermont. I cannot adequately express how grateful I am that we all are fine (including our dear old lab!) and that we lost nothing more than stuff. The fire did, however, cause a major disruption to the business as I had to stop working to deal with the all consuming post-burn matters just as sales were beginning for the 2018 Easter season.

Creating the first all natural alternative to the commonly used plastic Easter basket grass has been such a positive experience. Five years ago, who ever thought that Tim’s Real Easter Basket Grass would be marketed in Beverly Hills, California at Whole Foods? Or at Dean & Deluca and Williams-Sonoma? With this natural compostable product on the market, I have often wondered how many pounds of plastic Easter basket grass has been kept out of the waste stream. Very importantly, the Vermont Hay Company has demonstrated that unorthodox uses for a common Vermont agricultural product can result in a viable, income generating enterprise in economically depressed rural areas.

Out of this realization that hay as a fiber has potential beyond its traditional use as animal feedstock, the Vermont Hay Company is moving forward in an altered direction. I am developing another product that is again a hay-based alternative to plastic. Phase I has been completed in partnership with a state university with a specialized lab. If you are curious as to what this may be and it’s progress, please sign up to receive updates via Mailchimp.

Discontinuing Tim’s Real Easter Basket Grass was a setback. But I am confident that with the larger market for the new product now well into R&D, the Vermont Hay Company will again produce a product with a social and environmental impact. Of course Winston Churchill did not have organic hay or Easter basket grass in mind when he said the following, but just maybe he had the small entrepreneur in mind — “Never, never, never give up.”

With great gratitude to all supporters,



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